Be a part
of the future
of investing

Be a part
of the future
of investing

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What we do

We are changing the way that people invest.

As investing becomes increasingly automated, investors are losing the ability to control their money on their own terms. We are creating the ultimate investment experience, a platform that will give each investor the tools, the control, and the safety they need to design a portfolio as unique as they are.

Why we do it

We want people to shape their own future.

Everybody wants to change the world - but the world is actually pretty big.

That's why we have picked a smaller part to start with. We think it's about time that everyday investors are taken seriously, and given the right tools to enable them to take control of their own finances.

Who we are

A fast-growing, multinational fintech startup with offices in Spain and the UK.

Our engineering team sits in Madrid and our marketing, support and other operational functions sit in London. Finhub is our company name, but our new platform's name will be revealed shortly.

We guarantee
you'll fit right in

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How we

How we work

Latest Technology

You will get to work with the latest technology in your field.


We combine the SCRUM and sprint methodology with agile kanban elements where necessary.


We plan our business based on the business model canvas and the value proposition canvas frameworks.


No must, but all employees have the opportunity to work at our other offices at some point for some time to get to know the rest of the team.


We encourage flexibility in where and how we get things done, as long as they get done.

Our culture

Team mindset

We help out wherever help is needed and are not dogmatic about our tasks.


We are passionate about digital innovation and excited to change how people think about investing.


We value diversity in educational backgrounds and all other aspects of life.

English spoken

We are all no Shakespeares, but English is our working language at both offices.

What are we looking for?

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Because we are small and grow fast, we need self starters with an entrepreneurial mindset.

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We value people with big ideas and a walk-the-walk attitude to go with it.

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Most important is the willingness to learn and grow with us and become the expert or generalist you want to be.

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Team members

No superstars needed but players to make a great team.

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